GET   checks/browser/{checkId}/results/{resultId}/screenshots/{screenshotId}

Gets information about a single screenshot for a browser check result.

URL Parameters


Check identifier. Type: numeric.


Check result identifier. Type: GUID.


Check result screenshot identifier. Type: GUID.


The default context for the route is the user context. To enable customer context (if it's allowed for the user) use the request query parameter customer_context=1.

Request example

curl --request GET ""

Response body model example and description

  "id": "02d56129-ae70-405d-ac5c-6bf83f3ace8d",
  "index": 1,
  "timestamp_utc": "2023-06-08T18:18:47",
  "image_type": "IMAGE/JPEG"
NameType Description
id Guid

Screenshot identifier.

index Integer

Index of the screenshot in the list (starting from 0).

timestamp_utc DateTime

Screenshot timestamp (in UTC).

image_type String

Type of the screenshot image.