GET   checks/generic/{checkId}/results/{resultId}

Gets a json that contains generic check result data.

URL Parameters


Check identifier. Type: numeric.


Check result identifier. Type: GUID.


The default context for the route is the user context. To enable customer context (if it's allowed for the user) use the request query parameter customer_context=1.

Request example

curl --request GET ""

Response body model example and description

  "attempts": 1,
  "result_code": 1,
  "timestamp_utc": "2023-06-08T17:54:47",
  "severity": "sample string 3",
  "value": 1,
  "resultId": "8ab6bed7-b7a6-465f-a10c-25711128d7a3",
  "result": {}
NameType Description
attempts Integer

The number of attempts.

result_code Integer

The result code.

timestamp_utc DateTime

The result timestamp in UTC.

severity String

The result severity.

value Integer

The result value.

resultId Guid

The result identifier.

result Object

The custom result data in json format.