GET   customers/{customerId}

Returns subcustomer by subcustomer's ID.

URL Parameters


Request example

curl --request GET ""

Response body model example and description

  "id": 1,
  "name": "Apica",
  "subscription": {
    "subscription_type": "Standard",
    "period_from_utc": "2023-06-08T17:47:03",
    "period_to_utc": "2023-06-08T17:47:03",
    "global_check_quota": 1000,
    "enabled": true
NameType Description
id Integer

The customer's numeric identity.

name String

Customer name.

subscription Object

Customer subscription data.

subscription_type String

The customer's subscription type. Available values: 'Standard', 'PoC', 'Evaluation', 'Trial'

period_from_utc DateTime

Subscription start period.

period_to_utc DateTime

Subscription end period.

global_check_quota Integer

The checks quota.

enabled Boolean

Subscription is enabled.