GET   scenarios/browser/{scenario_id}?include_associated_check_ids={include_associated_check_ids}

Gets info about a browser scenario.

URL Parameters


Browser scenario identifier. Type: numeric.


(Optional) Indicates whether identifiers of the associated checks should be included in the response. By default, they are not included and the corresponding property of the response is null. Type: boolean. Example: true. Default value: false.

Request example

curl --request GET ""

Response body model example and description

Browser scenario info

  "id": 1,
  "name": "sample string 2",
  "created_utc": "2023-06-08T17:56:16",
  "updated_utc": "2023-06-08T17:56:16",
  "associated_check_ids": [
NameType Description
id Integer

The scenario's numeric identifier.

name String

The scenario name.

created_utc DateTime

The time at which the scenario was created.

updated_utc DateTime

The last time at which the scenario was updated.

associated_check_ids Array

The list of identifiers of the checks which are associated with the scenario.