POST   alerts/recipient

Creates a new recipient with two targets: one SMS and one email.


By default two or more recipients cannot have the same name. Use the request query parameter allow_duplicates to override this.

Returns HTTP 201 Created when succesful. The Location header contains an URL to the new alert recipient).

Request example and description

curl --request POST "" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data-raw "{
  \"name\": \"My target\",
  \"description\": \"Description\",
  \"phone\": \"+01234567890\",
  \"phone_description\": \"My phone\",
  \"email\": \"\",
  \"email_description\": \"My e-mail\"
NameType Required Description
name String Yes

The recipient's name.

description String No

The recipient's description.

phone String No

Phone number in format +XXXXXXXXX..., where X is a digit (from 2 to 17 digits). A comma-separated list of such phone numbers is also supported.

phone_description String No

The phone description.

email String No

The recipient's email.

email_description String No

The recipient's email description.