POST   alerts/target_group

Creates a new target group.


Use GET alerts/targets route to get the list of values applicable for target_ids.
Returns HTTP 201 Created when successful.

Request example and description

curl --request POST "" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data-raw "{
  \"name\": \"Developers\",
  \"enabled\": true,
  \"targets\": [
      \"id\": 12,
      \"type\": \"email\"
      \"id\": 12,
      \"type\": \"sms\"
      \"id\": 12,
      \"type\": \"sms\"
NameType Required Description
name String Yes

The group name

enabled Boolean No

The group is enable.

targets Array Yes

The group's targets. Supported targets: 'sms', 'email' and 'webhook'.

id Integer Yes

The target ID.

type String Yes

The target type.