POST   custom_events

Creates new custom event.


If you set all_checks property to false then you have to init checks property with not empty list of checks ids.

Severity property accepts one of these values: "I", "W", "E" or "F". "I" means Information, "W" means Warning, "E" means Error and "F" means Fatal.

Returns HTTP 201 when created (the Location header must contain URL to the new check).

Request example and description

curl --request POST "" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data-raw "{
  \"name\": \"Event name.\",
  \"description\": \"Test event.\",
  \"from_utc\": \"2015-09-12T11:44:02.546\",
  \"to_utc\": \"2015-09-12T11:44:02.546\",
  \"severity\": \"F\",
  \"all_checks\": false,
  \"checks\": [
NameType Required Description
name String Yes

The event's name.

description String No

The event's description.

from_utc DateTime Yes

The event's start timestamp.

to_utc DateTime No

The event's end timestamp.

severity String Yes

The event's severity.

all_checks Boolean Yes

The event for all checks.

checks Array No

The event's checks list.