POST   customers

Creates customer.


Returns HTTP 201 when created (the Location header must contain URL to the new customer).

Request example and description

curl --request POST "" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data-raw "{
  \"name\": \"Apica\",
  \"contact_email\": \"\",
  \"country_code\": \"SE\",
  \"enabled\": true,
  \"subscription\": {
    \"subscription_type\": \"Standard\",
    \"period_from_utc\": \"2023-06-08T16:09:48\",
    \"period_to_utc\": \"2023-06-08T16:09:48\",
    \"global_check_quota\": 1000,
    \"alert_sms_quota\": 10000,
    \"alert_email_quota\": 1,
    \"enabled\": true
NameType Required Description
name String Yes

Customer name.

contact_email String Yes

Customer contact email.

country_code String No

Customer country code.

enabled Boolean No

Customer is enabled.

subscription Object No

Customer subscription data.

subscription_type String No

The customer's subscription type. Available values: 'Standard', 'PoC', 'Evaluation', 'Trial'

period_from_utc DateTime Yes

Subscription start period.

period_to_utc DateTime Yes

Subscription end period.

global_check_quota Integer Yes

The checks quota.

alert_sms_quota Integer Yes

SMS alerts quota.

alert_email_quota Integer Yes

SMS alerts quota is enabled.

enabled Boolean No

Subscription is enabled.