POST   users

Creates a new user.


Use GET roles route to get the list of roles applicable for roles.
customer_id property is optional, so when it's not set then new user wil be added to the current customer.
Returns HTTP 201 when created (the Location header must contain URL to the new user).

Request example and description

curl --request POST "" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data-raw "{
  \"customer_id\": 1,
  \"login\": \"sample string 1\",
  \"password\": \"sample string 2\",
  \"email\": \"sample string 3\",
  \"full_name\": \"sample string 4\",
  \"phone\": \"sample string 5\",
  \"mobile\": \"sample string 6\",
  \"approved\": true,
  \"locked_out\": true,
  \"language_tag\": \"en-US\",
  \"roles\": [
    \"sample string 1\",
    \"sample string 2\",
    \"sample string 3\"
NameType Required Description
customer_id Integer No

Customer ID.

login String Yes

Login name.

password String Yes


email String Yes


full_name String No


phone String No


mobile String No


approved Boolean No

Is user allowed to log in and use ASM? Check this to turn the user account off.

locked_out Boolean No

Has user been locked out? Will be automatically checked after too many failed logins.

language_tag String No

Language and regional settings in format: "LL-RR", where "LL" - language code by ISO 639-1 and "RR" - region code by ISO 3166-1.

roles Object No

User's roles.