PUT   messages/{id}

Updates an existing UI message.

URL Parameters


Message Id.

Request example and description


curl --request PUT "http://api-wpm2.apicasystem.com/v3/messages/432?auth_ticket=C471ADC4-19B4-4219-BBF4-671A97EC653E" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data-raw "{
  \"text\": \"sample string 1\",
  \"message_is_from\": \"sample string 2\",
  \"from_date_utc\": \"2023-06-08T17:37:52\",
  \"to_date_utc\": \"2023-06-08T17:37:52\",
  \"importance\": \"L\",
  \"enabled\": true,
  \"customer_id\": 1,
  \"include_sub_customers\": true
NameType Required Description
text String No

Text of the message. You can use the following styling: Link ([link="link url"]Link Text[/link]), Bold ([b]Bold Text[/b]), Italic ([i]Italic Text[/i]), Italic and bold ([ib]Italic and Bold Text[/ib].

message_is_from String No

Text about the message sender.

from_date_utc DateTime No

Message activity start date and time.

to_date_utc DateTime No

Message activity end date and time.

importance String No

Message importance. Available values "L"/"H"/"C" ("Low","High","Critical").

enabled Boolean No

Indicates whether the message is enabled or not.

customer_id Integer No

Customer Id. Сustomer who’s users will get the message. For the root administrators: Set value to '0' to make message for all users of all customers.

include_sub_customers Boolean No

Include sub-customers users as targets of the message.