PUT   scenarios/proxysniffer/dictionaries/{dictionary_key}

Updates ZebraTester scenario custom dictionary.

URL Parameters



If description field is not set then it will not be updated.

Default limits:
  • Max dictionaries per user: 50
  • Max key-value pairs per dictionary: 50
  • Max key length: 30
  • Max value length: 1024

Request example and description

curl --request PUT "http://api-wpm2.apicasystem.com/v3/scenarios/proxysniffer/dictionaries/base?auth_ticket=C471ADC4-19B4-4219-BBF4-671A97EC653E" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data-raw "{
  \"dictionary\": {
    \"Username\": \"user1\",
    \"password\": \"pass\"
  \"description\": \"Auth data\"
NameType Required Description
dictionary Object No

The dictionary's keys and values.

description String No

The dictionary's description.