PUT   tags/{key}?by_id={by_id}

Edit customer tag.

URL Parameters


Tag key name by default or tag key id when parameter by_id=true.


(Optional) Determines what the key parameter contains: name or id. Type: boolean. Example: true.

Request example and description

Tag key

curl --request PUT "http://api-wpm2.apicasystem.com/v3/tags/Environment?by_id=544&auth_ticket=C471ADC4-19B4-4219-BBF4-671A97EC653E" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data-raw "{
  \"name\": \"sample string 1\",
  \"color\": 1
NameType Required Description
name String No

New key name of the tag.

color Integer No

Tag color code. Integer representation of the hex RGB format. Default value: 15423319 (which corresponds to the red #EB5757). The value should be between 0 and 16777215.