PUT   users

Updates a user.


Use GET roles route to get the list of roles applicable for roles.

Request example and description

curl --request PUT "http://api-wpm2.apicasystem.com/v3/users?auth_ticket=C471ADC4-19B4-4219-BBF4-671A97EC653E" --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data-raw "{
  \"login\": \"sample string 1\",
  \"guid\": \"0d18a399-2213-4f96-bed5-3540c074b52b\",
  \"password\": \"sample string 2\",
  \"email\": \"sample string 3\",
  \"full_name\": \"sample string 4\",
  \"phone\": \"sample string 5\",
  \"mobile\": \"sample string 6\",
  \"approved\": true,
  \"locked_out\": true,
  \"language_tag\": \"en-US\",
  \"roles\": [
    \"sample string 1\",
    \"sample string 2\",
    \"sample string 3\"
NameType Required Description
login String No

Login name.

guid Guid Yes

User GUID.

password String No


email String No


full_name String No


phone String No


mobile String No


approved Boolean No

Is user allowed to log in and use ASM? Check this to turn the user account off.

locked_out Boolean No

Has user been locked out? Will be automatically checked after too many failed logins.

language_tag String No

Language and regional settings in format: "LL-RR", where "LL" - language code by ISO 639-1 and "RR" - region code by ISO 3166-1.

roles Object No

User's roles.