A threshold can be enabled and have any value (including 0), or be disabled completely.
The <threshold> (without suffix) is used to set any threshold value (but not 0) or to disable a threshold.
To disable a threshold: Set the threshold setting to 0.
To use the value 0: Set <threshold>_set_0 to true.
The <threshold>_set_0 value has priority. If it is used, the threshold will not be disabled.


Threshold TypeDisable SettingZero Value SettingTriggered on
High Warningthreshold_w = 0threshold_w_set_0 = trueResult above value.
High Errorthreshold_e = 0threshold_e_set_0 = trueResult above value.
Low Warningthreshold_lo_w = 0threshold_lo_w_set_0 = trueResult below value.
Low Errorthreshold_lo_e = 0threshold_lo_e_set_0 = trueResult below value.


High Error is disabled:
threshold_e: 0
Low Warning threshold is 0:
threshold_lo_w_set_0: true

Dynamic Threshold Values

Threshold values can be automatically calculated by using the '_dynamic' setting.
When a dynamic settings are enabled, the corresponding values are determined according to the defined '_dynamic' properties.
Warning TypeDynamic SettingModifies
High Warningthreshold_w_dynamicthreshold_w
High Errorthreshold_e_dynamicthreshold_e
Low Warningthreshold_lo_w_dynamicthreshold_lo_w
Low Errorthreshold_lo_e_dynamicthreshold_lo_e
Each '_dynamic' setting consists of the following properties: baseline_measure, baseline_period_h, factor, offset.
Setting the '_dynamic' object to empty {} will disable dynamic calculations.

Baselines measures

Dynamic thresholds calculation can be based on one of the 3 baselines measures: average, median or standard deviation of check’s returned value:
Baseline measureValueCalculation
Averageavgfactor * average returned value for the last baseline_period_h hours + offset
Medianmdnfactor * median returned value for the last baseline_period_h hours + offset
Standard Deviationstd(factor * check's standard deviation of returned value for the last baseline_period_h hours) + average returned value for the last baseline_period_h hours + offset.


High Error dynamic calculation is disabled:
threshold_e_dynamic: {}
High Warning is dynamically calculated with the Average baseline for the last 2 hours with factor 1.5 and offset 1:
threshold_w_dynamic: {
	baseline_measure: "avg",
	baseline_period_h: 2,
	factor: 1.5,
	offset: 1
High Warning is disabled and dynamic calculation of High Warning is disabled:
threshold_w: 0,
threshold_w_dynamic: {}